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The majority of our production is exported all over the world with installations in over 50 countries.

We have much experience of doing international business with customers from different cultures and in different languages.

Some customers are still using equipment delivered almost 100 years ago. One of our oldest customers is the Absolut Company in Åhus (owner of Absolut Vodka) to which we have supplied the highest distillery columns in the world for ethanol production. And our 1928 copper column is still used for making the "Elyx" premium product by Absolut.

As a holder of ASME U-Designation (and UM), Manufacture License of Special Equipment for People’s Republic of China and HP0 certificate, we are able to supply your product to all markets around the world.


We supplied our first distillation column in 1925. Since then we supply customers within fertilisers, ammonia, acid, explosives, and other demanding applications.

Customer in the chemicals industry often rely on Ekström & Son for critical equipment.

We have served the fertiliser industry in decades for its various product areas. Please see our brochure in the right margin for more detailed information.

2011 Ekström & Son delivered 18 advanced heat exchangers for the Chinese market according to the SQL standard. Double tube sheets and high nickel alloys were part of the specifications.

We are one of few Scandinavian firms manufacturing according to Chinese SQL standards, so don't hesitate to contact us and discuss your projects.


Ekström & Son supply several of the largest power producers within and outside the Nordics. We have strong references within bio fuel, nuclear power, and district cooling.

E&S is certified according to Sellihca, a supplier register and pre-qualification system used by the Nordic utilities.

As a high-quality manufacturer we benefit from increasing demands from both our international clients and a world-leading domestic market in Sweden.

We exhibited at Nuclear Technology 2014 in Stockholm 19-20 Nov.


Ekstrom & Son designs and manufacture pressure vessels for high-temperature, high pressure, and corrosive applications: Helixchanger™ heat exchangers, reactors, condensers, evaporators, suction scrubbers, air pre-heaters, columns, etc. Our designs in ASME, EN, HP0, and China standards create your solutions!

We deliver columns, tanks, and heat exchangers for clients amongst others in the Nordics, and the Middle East. Especially for seawater cooling where corrosion calls for high spec materials to be used.

The off-shore-industry
Oil heaters for the Norwegian market demand in-depth knowledge of thermal design and various use cases. We are licensed according to Achilles, approval for the Norwegian and Danish off-shore markets.

Synthetic fuels:
We have recently delivered advanced equipment for synthetic fuels.

Carbon Capture Storage
We delivered columns and heat exchangers to Statoil Mongstad, the world's first full-size CCS site in 2009. The choice of material is critical for this demanding application.


The Swedish pulp and paper industry is among the most effecient in the world. A condition for competing with low-cost countries is efficiently automated mills with few maintenance stops.

E&S is supporting our customers with support and process analysis to shorten and minimise such stops. A team of our support staff has assisted Södra Cell in Mörrum.

Back flushing for decreased fouling:
A number of paper mills in Sweden have installed the Ekström backflush valve and have decreased the maintenance stop interval from 6 months to more than 2 years. Read more at Smart Loop backspolningsventiler


Ekström & Son is manufacturing partner for Aqua-Nova, and supplies the pharma industry

Ekström & Son both deliver tailor-made vessels to demanding pharmaceutical companies, and is the main supplier of equipment for Swedish firm Aqua-Nova.

Novo Nordic in Denmark is one customer where proximity to the customer is an advantage. Especially when the materials used are Hastelloy C22 and other advanced materials.

Water for Injection (WFI)
Aqua-Nova is a Swedish tech firm supplying advanced process equipment for pure water used in medicine. Customers include world-renowned pharmaceutical companies, such as Sanofi-Aventis.