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Our main area of expertise is in the production of distillation and absorption columns, shell and tube heat exchangers and pressure vessels.

We are used to working with many different process media: Air, sea water, fresh water, steam, oils and the whole spectrum of process solutions. Each and every one of them demands levels of knowledge that our design engineers and production staff master through both theoretical and practical experience.

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To support our clients with optimisation of capacity and production economy the choice of material in the equipment is vital. Ekström & Son's licensed welders are used to advanced materials supporting world class performance in your plant.

The most common materials we work in are the stainless standard steels 1.4301/1.4306, and 1.4432/1.4436. Apart from other standard stainless steel materials we are experienced in a range of specialty materils:

  • Duplex and super duplex
  • High alloy and austenitic steels
  • Nickel och nickel alloys
  • Copper and copper allioys
  • Titanium
  • Zirkonium

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us regarding your material choices!


We specialise in tailor-made units that are optimised according to application and the customer's requirements.

Our heat exchangers are used for the most variable applications, principally in the chemical and petrochemical industry, paper and pulp industry, and pharmaceutical industry.

As we deal with a variety of applications we have to deal with many different media such as air, fresh water, salt water, steam oils and the whole spectrum of process solutions: Gas condensers, preheaters, evaporators, condensers, etc.

Our projects vary but often involves creating a new design from scratch. In many cases we also replace an existing heat exchanger or carry out a retubing.

We specialise in tailormade heat exchangers and look forward to hearing about your application!


We design and manufacture most types of pressure vessels and columns

Vessel with or without jacket? Outside cooling/heating coil of half tube section? With agitators, inner coils, baffles? We construct and manufacture most types of pressure vessel.

We delivered our first column back in 1925. Since then, Ekström & Son has supplied columns principally to the chemical and petrochemical industry, paper and pulp industry, and pharmaceutical industry.

We design and manufacture shells for columns as well as complete columns. Platforms, ladders, etc. can also be included in the delivery. Mechanical design as well as wind load and earthquake calculations can be carried out where required.

Don't hesitate to contact us with your project specification or to discuss a potential new project.


Higher production capacity and lower maintenance costs are achieved through Ekström & Son's Smart Loop backflush valve with reference customers around the world.

Fouling and clogging of heat exchangers cause huge problems for the industry. This can be prevented by using the Ekström & Son Smart Loop valve.

The backflush valve enables backflushing of heat exchangers with short intervals where particles are flushed out resulting in lower fouling and increased life length.

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The HELIXCHANGER™ is a helically baffled shell and tube heat exchanger.

Each baffle occupies about one quadrant of the cross section and has a certain inclination with the centerline of the exchanger.

Successive baffles are arranged in such a way as to create continuous helical and near plug-flow conditions on the shell side. According to Ekström & Son’s estimations, HELIXCHANGER enables energy savings of up to 50% due to lower pressure drops and could result in less than two years of pay-back time.

The design principle of the HELIXCHANGER can be utilised for new heat exchangers or when exchanging existing tube bundles, with an expected 20% increase in output capacity. The result is improved thermal effectiveness, enhanced heat transfer, reduced pressure drop, lower fouling and significantly reduced vibration hazards.


Plate Heat Exchanger – Funke
Ekström&Son is a reseller of Funke’s heat exchangers in Scandinavia. Funke has a wide range of heat exchangers of high quality. Funke was founded in 1974 and focuses on the design and manufacture of plate and tube heat exchangers for virtually all industrial applications. Design and calculations are strictly tailored according to customer specific requirements and includes the process of adaptation, thermal design, calculation, stress analysis and vibration analysis.

Plate and shell heat exchangers – Gesmex
Ekström&Son is reseller of GESMEX heat exchangers in Scandinavia. GESMEX design and manufacture compact heat exchangers of laser-welded plate and shell for industrial applications. The company continuously invests in product development and the latest technology in order to be able to offer high efficiency heat exchangers for a long-term security in their customers’ enterprises.
Heat exchangers – HRS
Ekström&Son is reseller of HRS heat exchangers in Scandinavia. HRS are global specialists in heat transfers and have long experience in the design and manufacturing of heat exchangers and other components for process plants in environmental- and food industries.