Ekström & Son Logotyp


Our design engineers focus on the process industry

Supported by the latest technology such as specialised software, subscriptons to the latest research, and modern equipment we guarantee designs that solve your problems. Our design engineers are in constant contact with our workshop staff to ensure a continuous feed-back process.

The design process often takes place in close collaboration with the client. Such collaborative development not only saves money but also contributes to our high standards in quality assurance of complex projects. We work with all common standards for mechanical and thermal design, such as:

  • EN 13445
  • ASME VIII Div 1-
    AD 2000-
    PD 5500-
    GB 150 - Kina

As complementary standards we can also use TEMA, NORSOK, API 660, and others.


We can assist you with professional installation and regular inspections in order to increase your plant uptime.

Our area of expertise not only include efficient design, material choice, and manufacturing, but also installation and regular inspections.

Our service team often assist customers in exchanging tube bundles as we have detailed knowledge about welding of high-alloy steel and titanium.

Feel free to contact us at any time to discuss how we could assist you!


We offer non-destructive testing as a service

We take quality very seriously. We have competence and equipment for extensive non-destructive testing.

We carry out testing with x-ray, penetrants, magnetic powder, ultra sonic, positive material identification (PMI), and helium leakage.


Ekström & Son's modern machine workshop and qualified welders offer other manufacturing firms opportunities for flexible contract manufacturing.

The machining resources include several advanced machines for water jet cutting, drilling, cutting, rolling, and welding. Our welders carry out contract work in our own workshop or at the site of customers.

Water jet cutting decreases the need for post-cutting treatment as the water jet provides smooth surfaces with lower heat effects on the material compared to plasma or other conventional cutting.

Our vertical machining centre Hartford HB takes material measurements with 3200 x 2540 mm up to 11.500 kg.

Rather than investing in your own workshop you are welcome to contact us to discuss your production needs!